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Kathleen S. Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Ralph Mauch

Chief Consultant

Howard B. Moulton

Advisory Consultant
      Security notice:
      We highly recommend to only send encrypted text via email. Always use the known public key (penalytics.gpg) when sending encrypted email.
      All employee email adresses will officially end in "@penalytics.com" or "@mobile.penalytics.com".
      To contact an organization employee, that employee's email adress will be 1stLetterOfFirstName + LastName@penalytics.com.

New York City Office

Name Position Contact
Ms Kathleen S. Johnson Chief Operating Officer kjohnson@penalytics.com
Mr Howard B. Moulton Advisory Consultant hmoulton@penalytics.com
Ms Patricia Wilson Assistant Manager pwilson@penalytics.com
Mr Brian Garrett Senior Consultant bgarrett@penalytics.com
Mr Louis Martinez
Manager Transformation lmartinez@penalytics.com
Mr Frank Pike Sen. Specialist Cluster fpike@penalytics.com
Ms Jin Tien Sen. Specialist DevOps jtien@penalytics.com

Cologne Office

Name Position Contact
Mr Ralph Mauch Chief Consultant rmauch@penalytics.com
Mr Rene Lohse Chief Technology Officer rlohse@penalytics.com
Ms Karolin Beckenbauer Assistant Manager kbeckenbauer@penalytics.com
Mr Rene Schneidereit Regional Manager rschneidereit@penalytics.com
Mr Tim Gaertner Manager Cyber Security tgaertner@penalytics.com
Mr Justus Schneidereit
Manager Digital Compliance jschneidereit@penalytics.com
Mr Dennis Drechsler
Senior Consultant Cloud ddrechsler@penalytics.com
Mr Jonas Schiffer Senior Consultant Cloud jschiffer@penalytics.com